Capitol Crimes 2017 Anthology

Evil Deeds and Evil Doers…
Murder and Mayhem…
Politics and Passions…

Capitol Crimes presents fifteen spine-tingling mysteries by local Sacramento authors for your detecting pleasure in our new Capitol Crimes Anthology.

The 2017 Anthology is now available for purchase on Amazon and at all Capitol Crimes meetings. Click the story title tab to get clued in on the mystery. We’re sure a peek will pique your interest!

Kathleen L. AsayBio“Trouble with a Capital T”
A lifelong writer and editor, Kathleen L. Asay has been a member of three chapters of Sisters in Crime and is a former president of Capitol Crimes. She had stories in and edited Capitol Crimes’ two previous anthologies. Her first novel, Flint House (BridlePath Press, 2013), features a run-down Sacramento boarding house, a burned out journalist and a mysterious older woman whose story might save them all. Visit Kathleen at
Topher had been living on the streets of Sacramento for a year when he met a woman in worse danger than he was.
Elaine FaberBio“Agnes Wins Again”
Elaine Faber is a member of Sisters in Crime, Inspire Christian Writers, and Cat Writers Association. She has published three cozy cat mysteries and a WWII mystery-adventure. Elaine’s short stories are included in eight anthologies and various magazines. If you enjoy “Agnes Wins Again,” follow her complete adventures in the humorous WWII novel, Mrs. Odboddy Hometown Patriot, available at Amazon in print and ebook. 
Determined to right a wrong, eccentric WWII hometown patriot, Agnes Odboddy, visits the California governor in Sacramento. Even amidst chuckles and chortles, expect her excursion to unexpectedly turn deadly.
June GillamBio“Seeing Things”
June Gillam’s fiction explores the mind of characters whose shadow side is set  free at some point to energize their criminal potential. In the Hillary Broome novels, Gillam investigates the impact of a superstore on a small town butcher in House of Cuts, the consequence of patriarchy on a woman in business in House of Dads, and the effect of a Donald-Trump type developer on Irish tourism in House of Eire. Details at
A pillar in Sacramento’s legal community makes his usual weekly visit to his sister, an Alzheimer’s patient he thinks has forgotten their shared past.
R. Franklin JamesBio“Counting to Ten”
R. Franklin James followed a career of political advocacy with writing mysteries. In 2013, her first book in Hollis Morgan Mystery series, The Fallen Angels Book Club, was published by Camel Press. Sticks & Stones and The Return of the Fallen Angels Book Club followed. Book four, The Trade List, was released in June 2016 and book five, The Bell Tolls will be released in May 2017.
Lauren Casey has issues. Her political career is threatened, and her temper strains to stay under control. Unfortunately, both require that she be able to count to ten.
Sherry JoyceBio“Murder by Conclusion”
Sherry Joyce’s contemporary romantic suspense novels delicately balance themes of love, danger, loss and survival. Her characters are flawed, human and seek justice, making readers turn pages set in some of the most romantic settings in the world. The Dordogne Deception, her debut novel is set in England and a castle in southwestern France. Dangerous Duplicity explores family strength in a yachting dynasty. She lives in El Dorado Hills with her husband and beloved Westies.

What would happen if you overheard something terrifying at work—something you shouldn’t have heard about two people planning a murder?
Teresa Leigh JuddBio“Danger in Capital Letters”
An award-winning short story writer, Teresa Leigh Judd has had stories in each of Capitol Crimes’ anthologies, as well as publication in online and other print collections. Inspired by the “dragons” found among us, she created Dragon Tales, a short story collection published in 2014, and available in print and ebook. It is with sadness that we report that Terri passed away in August 2016. She was a chapter member since 2008 and a dear friend to many.

GIVE IT BACK OR ELSE. But give back what, and to whom? Or else what? Lisa thought the warning couldn’t possibly be for her.
Virginia V. KiddBio“Black Sheep”
Virginia V. Kidd brings a light touch to her writing. Her comedy plays for high schools, “Happily Ever Once Upon” and “Capricious Pearls,” are longtime sellers. “Murder, Self-Taught” is in the 2013 Anthology: Capitol Crimes. A professor emeritus in Communication Studies from CSUS, she co-authored Cop Talk: Essential Communication Skills for Community Policing with former Sacramento police chief Rick Braziel. She lives in midtown Sacramento with four stray cats who wandered in and took over.
Lovely Melanie is the family black sheep but, still, no one expected her to be accused of murder. Her put-upon sister must uncover the truth.
Nan MahonBio“Capitol City Blues”
The characters in Nan Mahon’s stories are the less-conventional people, who by design or fate, live in a dangerous and edgy world; they are the different, the talented, and often the disenfranchised. Mahon draws her people from those she has met in her work as a journalist, a band agent, and music promoter. This story continues the characters from her novel, Blind Buddy and Mojo’s Blues

Blues music and deception meet at Sacramento’s Torch Club. A blonde babe, a steel guitar, and a hot bullet ignite a fuse for murder.
Patricia L. MorinBio“Hot Time in Old Town”
Besides writing short stories, novels, and plays, Patricia L. Morin, MA, CSW, has had four short-story collections published. Her first two short-story collections, Mystery Montage (2010) and Crime Montage (2012) were released by Top Publications Ltd., Dallas TX. Her short story “Homeless” was a Derringer and Anthony Award finalist, while “Pa and the Pigeon Man” was nominated for a Pushcart. Her third and fourth short-story collections, Confetti and Deadly Illusions, were released in 2014 and 2015. Please visit her website:

Rudy Sullivan, history professor, meets Amanda Leonard, historical novelist, who wonders why she would receive a threatening letter because of an article written in the Sacramento-Daily Register, December 7, 1894.
Cherie O'BoyleBio“Not a Clue”

Cherie O’Boyle is the award-winning author of the Estela Nogales mystery series. Fire at Will’s, Iced Tee, and Missing Mom are humorous whodunnits set in the fictional village of Arroyo Loco in the central coastal mountains of California. O’Boyle is Professor Emerita of Psychology at California State University, San Marcos. You can read about her books and contact the author at

Women in political life face unique dangers, and now someone is sneaking into Assembly member Patricia Harper’s office late at night, leaving mysterious gifts.
Karen PhillipsBio“It's Written in the Stars”
Karen Phillips was born in Oakland, grew up in Martinez and attended Cal Poly State University, majoring in Applied Art & Design. While embarking on her writing career, she works full-time as a graphic artist in state service. The department where she works is located next to the State Capitol in Sacramento. She often enjoys walking around the park where mounted police patrol the grounds and became her inspiration for “It’s Written in the Stars.”

A mounted patrol of the park turns life-and-death. So begins this provocative story set in the 40 acres surrounding California’s state capitol.
Clare PriceBio“Nose to Noose”
Clare Price used her life experience as a tech journalist and software industry executive to craft her first novel, Web of Betrayal, the fictionalized account of one of the Internet’s first cyber terrorists, published in June 2014. She continues her writing pattern of real life informing fiction in her new mystery series about canine CSI team, Kate McCleery and her Sheltie Hobbs. Look for Book 1 of the series coming June 2017.
Murder goes to the dogs as canine CSI team Kate McCleery and her Sheltie Hobbs investigate the suicide of a controversial Capitol Hill legislative aide.
R.G. RoseBio“Gimme a Break”
R.G. Rose is a Sacramento area writer making her long-awaited publishing debut with “Gimme a Break.” She’s currently working on a murder mystery series set in England.

How can you get a break in the capital? Listen to your intuition? Psychic? Mom? It’s enough to drive a guy to love. Or crime.
Linda TownsdinBio“The Good Gardener”


Linda Townsdin writes the Spirit Lake Mystery series set in Minnesota’s lake country. After covering war and disaster worldwide, Britt Johansson, a freelance photojournalist with a big heart and bit of an attitude returns to her Spirit Lake home to recharge—where something bad always happens. Focused on Murder (2014) Close Up on Murder (2015) Blow Up on Murder (2016).

Secrets revealed mask secrets hidden in this startling tale of a loving wife, doting mother, avid gardener and steadfast employee.
Dänna WilbergBio“Christmas Chronicles”
Dänna Wilberg visits the dark side of human nature through adventure and trepidation in her suspense novels and short stories. Pairing fact with fiction, she delivers an uneasy feeling of possibility that makes one shift in their seat. More on Dänna Wilberg novels at
When a young girl goes missing at Christmas time, less than six degrees separate a Sacramento neighborhood caught between fate and fatality.