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Tangled Darkness

by Mary Desch

Work in Progress

Picture The Silent Patient meets 90s film The Firm. TANGLED DARKNESS, an 86,000-words psychological thriller, is a story of fractured original and workplace families grounded in a small Portland, Oregon mental health clinic.  After psychiatrist Leslie Schoen is anonymously charged with stealing workplace opiates, she hides the allegation from her newly pregnant wife. But when her coworker is murdered, clearing her name now means tracking the killer. Going it alone may be her undoing while a drug lord, secretly tied to a colleague, moves to take her out.

Night Moves

By Anne Da Vigo

Work in Progress

It's 1955, and President Dwight Eisenhower is recovering from a heart attack at a Denver hospital. An Italian crime family manages the rackets statewide. And Hannah, a lonely high school girl, becomes briefly entangled with Jack, a married man whom she comes to suspect is plotting a crime. No one believes her, until one of the most horrendous sabotage schemes of the 20th century rocks the country. Hannah becomes the focus of the FBI investigation, but will she be a suspect, or the key to apprehending the killer?

Signal to Noise

By Kenneth Gwin

Work in Progress

A supreme court justice is murdered west of Silicon Valley. The body of an engineer working for a massive information technology company is found nearby. At the same time, a young man in Los Angeles feels he’s under surveillance as those around him go missing or end up dead. Two detectives and the young man follow separate paths, each desperate to uncover the hidden evil driving these events. Is there a link that connects these crimes? But under a cloud of disinformation, altered videos, deep fakes, lies, and propaganda, what can they prove is true or real?

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